What others have to say about CHOOSE LIFE
Pulse Youth is a blessing for our children
Our daughter invited two friends to Pulse Youth that are sisters and the one teen I handed her back to her mother in tears... She testified of how she heard God's voice and wrote down the message. The whole family will now come to CHOOSE LIFE. CHOOSE LIFE Pulse is such a blessing for all children.
Have been searching

I have been waiting for a long time to find a church like this one. I have been a Christian all my life and found an amazing church in America. Have been hurt in quite a few churches here in SA and could not find my home in Pretoria. I am craving God’s presence, authenticity, wisdom and a Godly community, and I have found it! Been here a couple of months now and wow! There is something quite miraculous here!

Worship, Growth and Fellowship
At CHOOSE LIFE Church, we have vibrant singing, praise and worship unto the Lord. There are Life Group meetings that take place at various homes, where there is great fellowship and sense of belonging!!!
Family Church

Wonderful family church where the word of God is preached.

Choose Life, Home

From the first time I attended the service, I felt home.

Love my church

How can you go to a big church and it still feels like family. Love my church!