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Dear Leader


Read Psalm 105:1-6
Open in Prayer

Ice breaker:
Ask each person to complete the following sentence. When I reflect on 2018 I am grateful to the Lord for ...

Select some songs of thanksgiving and praise. Please make every effort to have a time of praise and worship this week.

Theme – Growing in God's Word

What a blessing it has been to have had the theme "Growing in God's Word" this year. God's Word never returns void and we can believe for an abundance harvest. Can you imagine what the Lord has done in the hearts of people, especially those who participated in our #NT260 reading plan.

Discussion 1: How have you grown in God's Word this year?

Read Psalm 119:105 "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Ask LG members to memorise this verse. Give them some time to think about it. You can even play them the song by Michael W Smith and Amy Grant https://youtu.be/gs-aiQ9NZ1g

Discussion 2: Share testimonies of times where the Lord's Word has been a lamp to your path (How it has helped you to make righteous or wise decisions, or to see your way through a difficult time in your life).

Read Luke 16:19-31 (The rich man and Lazarus)

Discussion 3: Ask LG members to share what this story teaches them about God, themselves, salvation, and eternity. After they have shared, mention how important the Word of God is in helping people know Jesus. And how we need to know the stories, parables and key Scriptures in order to lead others to the Lord.

Prayer time and Ministry


Find out what people are doing in the holidays.


Bruce Taylor

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