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Dear Leader

We have reached the end of yet another term. I trust that as you reflect back on the past few months you have some testimonies of God's goodness to celebrate. Seeing God change people's lives by His Spirit is one of the huge privileges of being a Life Group leader. Thank you for everything you have done to care for your LG members this term.

Life Groups will start again in the week of 10 July. Enjoy the 3 week break. Please spend lots of time waiting on the Lord so that your strength can be renewed.

Welcome and Opening Prayer


Share a highlight or testimony with the group about something that happened in your life during term 2.


Theme - Receive the Holy Spirit

Read Acts 19:1-8
Discussion 1: What stands out for you from this story? Encourage LG members to share their own insights before highlighting the points shared during Sunday's sermon.

1. Repentance remains a necessary step towards believing in Christ.
Acts 19:4

Is repentance still necessary today? Yes. God sent John the Baptist to preach a message of repentance to prepare the way for the Lord.

There are some people that are undermining the necessity of repentance, saying that we only need to believe. But we believe that repentance still prepares the way for believing in Christ.

2 Peter 3:9

The Greek word for Repentance is Metanoia. It describes a person having a change of mind and a complete turnaround in their life. It's a case of turning away from sin and turning to Christ Jesus.

Paul did not negate the need for repentance when he spoke to these disciples in Acts 19. Rather he confirmed the need for repentance, and then went on to tell them that there is more. This is a confirmation of Matthew 3:11 where John the Baptist confirms his mission to baptize for repentance and then tells the people that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Discussion 2: Why is repentance so important?

2. When confronted with the truth about Baptism they were eager to respond.

Acts 19:5

We need to respond to God's command that we be baptized. God has spoken clearly through His Word. We don't need to wait for the Lord to talk to us about getting baptized ... He has already done this through His Word.

It is important to realise that infant baptism is not Biblical. The Bible says that we need to Repent and be Baptised. A baby can't repent. As a Church we refer to Believers Baptism, when a person is at an age where they can understand sin and the need to repent and be baptized. It is also important that a person understands the symbolism of Baptism before going through the waters of Baptism (Romans 6 is a good Bible study in this regard).

3 Compelling reasons to be baptized.

- Jesus himself was baptized.
- Jesus placed priority on baptism. More people were baptised under His ministry then were baptised by John the Baptist.
- Jesus commanded us to be Baptised. (Matthew 28).

In Acts 19 we see a pattern:

i. Faith
ii. Baptism
iii. Laying on of hands
iv. Receiving of the Holy Spirit

Discussion 3: Have you been Baptised as a believer? What was significant to you about your Baptism? (If some of your LG members haven't been Baptised in Water please encourage them to get baptised on the 21st of July.

3. Paul's determined purpose was to get them filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 19:2

Paul was passionate about the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
Here are some of the things that the Holy Spirit does for us:
• He reveals Jesus to us
• He helps us in our weaknesses
• He guides us in all truth
• He activates the gifts in us
• He shows us the things to come
• He empowers us to witness
These disciples in Acts 19 were unaware of the Holy Spirit. But God in His goodness sent Paul to them. Paul laid His hands on them and the Holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.

God longs for all believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He wants to do for us what He did for those believers in Acts.

Discussion 4: Have you been Baptised in the Holy Spirit? Share about your experience ... when, what happened?

Discussion 5: Have you received the gift of speaking in tongues?

Prayer time

Pray for one another regarding a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. Also pray for those who haven't received the gift of speaking in tongues.

Afterwards close in prayer asking for the Lord's protection and blessing during the holidays.

Kind regards

Bruce Taylor
Pastoral Support - Life Groups

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